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This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of whether to choosing between small and large cross stitch patterns.The styles and sizes of cross stitch patterns can vary immensely, as you may have noticed.There are patterns available that are small, which can be finished up in a few hours. Conversly, there are cross stitch patterns out there that are so large they may take several months or even years to finish. What you have to remember though when picking out a pattern, the most important concept to keep in mind is that you enjoy stitching it.

Difficulty of a pattern is determined by many things, but the first thing to consider is how large or small a pattern is. The advantages of stitching a small design are numerous. If you are the type of stitcher that likes to move on to a new project quickly, you might enjoy small projects that finish up quickly. Stitching up something small like a bookmark quickly give some stitchers quite a sense of reward when they finished quickly. The fact that they are easier to manage is another distinct advantage to smaller cross stitch patterns. Many stitchers enjoy not having lots of extra fabric hanging around, so small projects are perfect for this type of stitcher. Of course, there are disadvantages also. One of the major one would be the cost involved. How can this be? If you are stitching small projects and finish a project every few days, when you start on a new one, there's additional cost for more fabric, floss and another pattern. Of course, to cut costs, you can find free cross stitch patterns on the web. You can go here for finding free cross stitch patterns is .

We'll discuss large cross stitch patterns now. With the small project, we talked about the costs associated with having to buy supplies every few days for a new project. With a large design, quite the opposite is true. You may have a larger outlay of costs upfront (because of larger fabric, more flosses), but after that, you won't have any new costs for quite a while, depending on how long it takes to stitch your project. Another thing that some stitchers feel is a great advantage to a large pattern is that there is much less floss color changing. Some stitchers prefer to load up a few needles at a time and not have to change colors for quite a while. One disadvantage to a large cross stitch pattern is that, if really large, can be quite difficult to manage. A multitude of floss colors can be overwhelming for some people, as well as dealing with lots of extra fabric. Since large cross stitch patterns can take a while to finish, stitchers sometimes may get tired of working the same design for an extended period of time. This may result in putting the project down for a while and not coming back to it. Despite these minor disadvantages, the end result with a large project can be quite stunning.

So, as you can see, there are many things to think about when choosing your cross stitch pattern in addition to things such as types of stitches, specialty stitches, etc. you should have a basic knowledge about what to expect for both large and small cross stitch patterns, so our hope is that this will make your design choosier easier. But, just remember, this hobby can be very rewarding and relaxing. Be sure to pick out a pattern that you will enjoy stitching and you'll be much more likely to finish it and will enjoy the finished design so much more!

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